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Are Tutors vetted?
We take a zero-risk approach at Tutorbox when it comes to the safety of our learners. All our registered tutors are fully vetted. As a Registered Body with the Disclosure Barring Service (DBS) we carry out Enhanced DBS Criminal Background Checks on all our staff in addition to full background checks and references as part of our commitment to safeguarding.
How do I go about registering for home tuition or a course?
In the first instance, please contact Tutorbox on 0118 984 1684 0r email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
One of our consultants will be able to assist you. At the first session, the tutor will carry out an initial assessment to determine the tutee's individual learning needs and develop a personalised development plan.
How often should my child attend?
Our Small Group Sessions are structured so that the child attends once a week for 10 weeks for each subject selected. Our programmes operate on a 10 week block basis. It's important that each child attends each session to get the most from the course. We also offer one to one tuition at any time and can be as little as one session perhaps to brush up on a particular topic or a more comprehensive programme.
Is there proof that my child will be able to demonstrate progress?
In short yes. We use an independent assessment tool to measure individual learner progress. The tools are internationally recognised for their reliability and validity as a measure of progress and are used by many schools in the UK.
Does Tutorbox work alongside what my child is learning at school?
Yes. The approach and curriculum is aligned to the National Curriculum. Our tutors are trained to teach using Curriculum approved teaching methods to ensure that the children have consistency with how they learn at school. This means that your child can always take the skills and knowledge that they have learned back into the classroom.
What feedback will I get about my child's progress?
Progress feedback is an essential component of our service. We will provide regular comprehensive feedback about how your child is progressing at Tutorbox. In addition at the end of each ten week term, there will be a parent/tutor feedback session and report.
What is the ratio of children to tutors in small group sessions?
A maximum of 1 tutor to 8 children. We use tutors with the qualifications and experience to make a real difference in your child's progress.
My child has SEN – can they benefit from Tutorbox?
Absolutely – we welcome all children whatever their learning needs might be. Our adaptable learning methodology and personalised approach means that every child will be accommodated whatever their need may be. At the initial assessment, we will work with the parents and if there is a dedicated SEN advisor for the child in their school, that person, to identify what support will be required. There may be occasions where a more personalised setting will be required or additional resources required.
My child is gifted - can they benefit from Tutorbox?
Every child will benefit from attending a Tutorbox programme no matter what their learning style or needs are. We adapt and design the programme content around each child for a truly personalised experience.
How much do your programmes cost?
Please refer to the pricing section of our website. 


What is the aim of the courses?
Our aim is to give the students exposure to exam style questions, fill in gaps in their knowledge and help them to improve their revision and exam techniques.
Who are the courses suitable for?
GCSE and IGCSE courses: are suitable for students in their final year of GCSE and IGCSE courses, usually students studying in Year 11. AS-level courses are suitable for students in the first year of their A-levels, usually Year 12. A2-level courses are suitable for students in the final year of the A-levels, usually Year 13. We also offer specialist courses for learners preparing for 11+ and Common Entrances examinations.
Do I need a course if I'm predicted a good grade?
Revision courses are not just for students who are struggling with a subject. Our courses are taken by students who wish to ensure they get their predicted grade or even wish to increase it. Students predicted A* often come on our courses. The courses aim to consolidate a student's knowledge and help with examination technique so that students have extra confidence when it comes to taking the exams.
How much can I expect to improve?
The courses are for revision of work already covered. If you have minor gaps in your knowledge, or areas you have covered already but have forgotten or not understood very well, the courses will help. However, in the one day revision courses we are not able to teach every part of the subject and we do not suggest that by coming on our courses any student will be guaranteed a high grade. Grades are clearly also affected by the amount of revision each student does after the courses and by their actual performance during the exam.
What will I do during the course?
Each course is different but you can expect to get through a lot of practice exam questions. There will also be opportunities to ask the tutor for help with any queries you have.
How many subjects can I study?
For GCSE/IGCSE, students can study a maximum of two subjects, while for AS/A2 the maximum is one subject.
How many students are there in a class?
There is a maximum of ten students per class. We believe that a class size smaller than the usual school class size is beneficial to allow students time to ask questions and gain confidence through receiving more individual attention.
Is there homework?
Yes, students are set up to 2 hours' work per evening.
What are the timings of the courses?
Our four day courses run from 9.30 am until 4 pm with registration on the first day of the course taking place between 08.45 and 09.15 hrs. Our one day courses run from 9.15 until 5pm with registration taking place between 08.15 and 08.45 hrs.
What are your booking terms & conditions for the revision courses?

Course Changes

Tutobox reserves the right to amend the course structure and the subjects offered without prior notification. Courses with insufficient demand may be withdrawn. Exam boards/specifications offered may change dependant on demand.

Confirmation of Booking

Your booking will only be complete on receipt of payment, if payment is not received the students place will not be held.

Course Content

We make every effort to match tuition with individual needs, but students must realise that a revision course, however intensive, cannot be expected to cover all aspects of all specifications. Some courses are not designed to be board-specific; these courses aim to cover core material only for that subject.

Cancellation Policy

A 50% refund will be given if cancellation is received in writing or via email 28 days prior to the event, after this date no refunds will be offered. Should Tutorbox have to cancel a course/subject a full refund will be offered.


Tutorbox operates on a no-smoking site across the entire campus including outdoor spaces.

Tutorbox reserves the right to charge for any damage to property that might occur.

The Course Director reserves the right to exclude students who behave badly; in such cases there will be no refund.

Course fees include all tuition, insurance cover, stationery, photocopying, past papers and an end of course report. Lunch is an optional extra.


I'm a teacher. Can my school use Pupil Premium money for Tutorbox courses?
Yes you can. We would work directly with the teacher/school to identify the specific needs of the child on Free School Meals designing an appropriate programme to ensure that the child gets the most out of the Tutorbox experience. An end of term impact report would be provided to the teacher (and parents) to provide helpful feedback on the child's progress and as supporting evidence for Ofsted inspections.
Are your in-school learning support programmes only available during school hours?
Our support programmes normally take place during the school day but we are entirely flexible and can offer any of our programmes after-school and on Saturdays if preferred.

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